Brendan Adams

There are special circumstances which I hope the various Colleges will consider. I practice addiction medicine - and am seeing a number of patients who are unable to travel to see me as they would ordinarily in pre-Covid times. For instance I have two aboriginal patients in Northern Ontario who cannot travel easily - Zoom has been a huge benefit in continuing to care for them. This is not opportunistic or "cherry-picking" - in fact it is challenging to do good care - but myself and my therapeutic team have been able to via virtual care. In another issue - (although this is third-party and not public healthcare system billable - it still pertains to professional ethics and cross-border medicine) - I have two helicopter pilots who needed aviation medicals - they are currently trapped in Borneo and unable to fly out due to pandemic restrictions. We were able to complete these exams via Zoom. Ordinarily they would have physically travelled to Alberta to see me.

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