Brandon Pringle

Hello, Hope all is well. The Hippocratic oath is "First - do no harm." The Bible tells the ancient story of a woman who went to many doctors, and not only was she broke from their fees, she also got worse! During the 70th anniversary of the WW2 Nuremburg Trials, history shows that of all professions, doctors were the largest group of professional disciplines (doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc.) to join the Nazi party. Furthermore, upon joining the Nazi Party, research showed that doctors were more likely to become more fully Nazified. The research showed that thousands of doctors began to see the state as their patient, rather than the precious human being they were supposed to be helping. The documentation of the horrific experiments and atrocities committed against innocent people and war prisoners is sickening. The Tuskegee Experiments and many other historical documents show us that there are many in the medical community that have a terrible proclivity to commit unspeakable evil. The current wicked ideologies of communism have greatly penetrated the halls of medicine. Ideas such as "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" might sounds wonderful, but they are devious lies meant to erase the sanctity of life and the value of an individual. No group of people is more important than an individual. This is the story of saving Private Ryan. The lives of 10 men were risked to save the life of one man. The Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer said, "if we lose respect for any part of life, we lose respect for all life." Canada is an object of horror to many nations around the world as they look at our MAID program which has killed over 10,000 people in a very short period of time. Even European countries that have legalized this wicked Nazi ideology of "useless eaters" do not have the number of murdered people that Canada does. Winston Churchill said “the only thing we learn from history, is we don’t learn from history. What is the thinking and ideology of a person that spends the beginning of their life getting an education that ostensibly is to learn about saving lives and relieving the discomfort of people, and then turns to murdering, and experimenting on them instead? Literally billions of people would say they were depressed or feeling down and discouraged due to pain or suffering and at one point or another in their lives had a thought of killing themselves. Most of these people will also tell you that they got help, they began to believe the truth and saw the value of themselves and others, and did not succumb to the temptation of believing that suicide was the only answer. As a person that has suffered from debilitating migraines for many years myself, I can tell you from personal experience that I am one of these people. Lying on the floor of a hospital shower, in unbearable agony, I seriously thought about killing myself. The tyrannical doctor that was implementing my so called “care” at the time had decided that despite my file showing I had a 10 year history of migraines, that he knew better, and told people “I didn’t have migraines.” One of the nurses involved in my care saw my horrific condition and she kindly advocated for me. Soon, I was out from the care of this so-called “doctor”, and was able to get counselling, get different medications, and move forward. I still deal with the problems today, but I did not give up. I did not leave my family in anguish by ending my life and leaving them to suffer through the trauma of losing me. My Grandson still has his grandpa. My Son still has his dad. My Daughter still has her dad. Their Spouses still have their father-in-law. My Wife still has her husband. We also have many other family members and friends who have suffered and needed support, and because I did not listen to a culture of death, I have been here to help them my family and others walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and emerge alive and grateful. The men and women that died in WW1, WW2, Korea, Afghanistan, and other conflicts, did not risk their lives for a nation that turns its back on its most vulnerable and weakest people. Justin Trudeau sends hundreds of million to newspapers and then claims the government has no money for vets. The province of Saskatchewan even had an option for Maid on its phone system! THIS HAS TO STOP. History will judge those who turned their backs on the most vulnerable, and termed them “useless eaters” like Hitler did. How can we claim to be a kind and benevolent society when we are willing for the sake of convenience or ideology to further the most wicked, evil, and despicable crimes of the Nazi party? Actively encouraging and promoting the genocide of any deemed not “productive members of society”? The answer is we cannot claim to be kind, good or benevolent. If we are to go down this path of darkness, we will doom our civilization. It will only be a matter of time until all who do bend their knee to this evil will soon themselves be in the cross hairs of this murderous cult. No one will escape this evil, the evil of sacrificing living breathing precious human beings on the altar of convenience, money, and religious cult worship of death. We must stand up now. We must peacefully stand and unite against this cult worship of death. We must stand together and peacefully oppose those who would promote this culture of death, and instead promote and defend the sanctity of life at all costs. The future of humanity and our very existence depends on it. Sincerely, Brandon Pringle

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