Bill Kaufmann

Here's the thing, the trust of the public in the medical profession is at an all time low. People are upset that the principle of "do no harm" has been ditched by the medical profession. Health Care used to be about preserving life, saving lives, instead all sorts of medical procedures today are geared towards ending lives, e.g. abortion, euthanasia (MAID). Other medical procedures, like sex affirming surgeries performed on minors are utterly barbaric and destroy the body of the child in an irreversible way. The notion that a male can become a female or a female can become a male is abhorrent, certainly no veterinarian doctor thinks that about animal, and neither should any physician think this is possible among humans. You folks can do whatever you want, at this point I am not sure your reputation can get any lower. I know most doctors do not perform any of the procedures (abortion, euthanasia, sex affirming surgeries)I just mentioned, and would never engage in unethical medicine practices like the examples I provided. Please leave those doctors alone, they should never be forced to disclose to patients medical proceedings like abortion, euthanasia, or sex affirming surgeries, let alone refer patients to practitioners that engage in such unethical medical practice, which I would call medical malpractice that unfortunately the College of Physicians approves of.

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