Bev Clark

As an Alberta citizen, I am deeply troubled and concerned about the CPSA’s proposed update to their Standards of Practice.. I feel that this proposal totally goes against what I believe is the fundamental reason why people wish to become medical practitioners; which is to heal others and save lives. Here in Alberta where we are experiencing an extreme shortage of doctors; I feel that the proposed updates would only worsen the situation by putting pressure on doctors to practice in such a manner that would attack their conscientious beliefs. Isn’t the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms supposed to protect an individual’s freedom of conscience? I feel that these proposed updates will pose a threat to the sanctity of human life; as it will become easier to end life; instead of fighting to preserve it. As a society; we need to place a much higher priority on preserving and protecting all human life, and providing the resources needed to accomplish this goal. Also, being a senior citizen, I am deeply concerned about what the future of healthcare will look like for all seniors if our healthcare system continues down this proposed path.

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