Angela Spiller

I believe it is a disgrace to force medical personnel to participate in practices that is against their beliefs. We cater to all those who want their voices heard, those who insist they their individual rights are first and foremost, yet we do not respect those with opposing views or beliefs. How is it that a government policy can force someone to do something strictly against their beliefs and the teachings of their faith? This is insane. It saddens me that this is the state of our society. What does freedom even mean? People chant freedom of choice. But for who? Freedom somehow is perceived as "I am right therefore you are wrong" mentality with no thought for the common good. Then again what is the common good of our people of our society? Those with traditional views are essentially slaves to the perceived idealistic choices of others. We must follow the master or be ridiculed, striped of our jobs, our privacy, our human rights and our beliefs. Sound familiar. Think back through history. As a society have we not learned anything.

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