Alexander Thielmann

MAiD started with the intent to end the suffering of the near-to death in rare cases. This was expanded to individuals with fatal medical conditions who wanted to avert the suffering that was to come. Next came the drug-addicted and the mentally-ill -- those who might not have the mental faculties to understand what they are doing (and now there are conversations of "Mature Minors" with medical conditions being allowed to make these decisions as well). It has become increasingly clear that MAiD is state-condoned murder, and is now the fifth leading cause of death in Canada. Up until now, the many doctors who saw it for what it is have been able to refuse to participate in either committing the act or referring a patient to someone who will. But now, with the revisions to the Conscientious Objection Standard, particularly the proposed guidelines for "effective referral", physicians who oppose this "treatment" on moral or religious grounds will still be obligated to provide a referral at the request of a patient. What will be next? Will all Doctors be required to participate in killing their patients? Will euthanasia become mandated practice for treating certain conditions? Will Doctors be mandated to refer patients who belong to certain groups for euthanasia? These might still seem like outrageous questions now, but any who study history will know that tyranny --or dare I say genocide -- does not happen over night. It is a gradual process. We are on a slippery slope -- one that is already getting out of hand with people living in poverty looking at MAiD as their only way out. The only way to stop the coming avalanche is to stop the program all together. But short of that, we must object to every small step down the path of destruction.

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