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Postgraduate trainees: your renewal started May 4!

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May Messenger 2021 | Posted May 13, 2021

Learn more about what happens when you report a health condition

Postgraduate trainees, like physicians, must renew their practice permit annually. This includes completing a Renewal Information Form (RIF), which asks you to report any health conditions that have negatively impacted your practice (or could be reasonably likely to in the future).

We understand this can cause some anxiety, but getting this feedback is important and helps CPSA’s Physician Health Monitoring Program (PHMP) know you have all needed supports in place to take care of yourself—and your patients.

"To provide the best care possible to your patients you need to take care of yourself first!"


What happens when you report a health condition to CPSA?

Take care of yourself!

This last year has been full of many challenges and uncertainties. When you renew, please pause to reflect on how you are doing and take steps to look after yourself.

You can learn more about CPSA’s Physician Health Monitoring Program (PHMP) and self-reporting on our website.

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