William Creed

I am glad to see that all of the other responses I have read speak to respecting every health practitioner's right of conscience. I sincerely hope you are listening to those voices. I don't understand why there is such a push in many places to turn the health care system into one like that of Nazi Germany. Most people who choose to enter the health care profession do so because they want to help improve the quality of people's lives. I believe that Health care professionals should be free to provide the best health care that they can give. I believe that the only regulations should be those to prevent willful abuse or flagrant malpractice. As has been stated by others, if doctors are forced to do things that violate their conscience or go against preserving life, then health care in this province will suffer; we will lose the best doctors and attract those with questionable morality. Let's make Alberta a safe haven for those who value human life and Alberta will prosper.

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