Scott Ross

Doctors require full autonomy to practice their trade. Any outside interference could jeopardize the health of their patients. This will allow a hijacking of procedural methods by unsavory unethical corporations dictating thru health boards and college of physicians how doctors are to treat their patients in a case of a pandemic. We've already had experience the last 4 years how poorly that's turned out utilizing a untested mRNA-based poison to be used for emergency use only, which was to have FDA trials during use. The trials were stopped with corrupted data. Exactly a case why Doctors should be autonomous to all this corruption in our health advisory system! DO NO HARM! These big pharma companies do not have any statement in their quaterlies! Do most profit, with least litigation is their moto! Allow our Doctors to be autonomous, give them individual voices, stop suppression of their knowledge and years of experience!

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