Sandra Priebe

I am totally against any medical professional, including Dr’s nurses, or any other health care professional from being forced to provide services, or refer patients for services, that are contrary to their personal beliefs. My fear is that we currently have a shortage of these honoured professionals, and many hold personal views on issues, for and against providing these services, and I fear many will either leave the profession, or choose other careers, to avoid going against their personal beliefs. I knew the day would come, when people were going to be forced to choose between their personal beliefs, to accommodate ONE viewpoint of society, and it is so wrong to force anyone, to do something they are against. We cannot force a single view on all of society by using laws, or policies, What kind of society would we be if we did that? Where would it end? This is just one more slippery slope, of many, that we MUST avoid. In a civilized society, people are able to think for themselves. We are not robots to be programmed by the “flavour” of the day, to appease a certain section of society, or government of the day. History has showed, time and time again, when certain people, or persons, with a single viewpoint, things did not end well for large sections of society. We must allow people the right to their viewpoints, whether we agree with them or not. How many times have we looked back at history, and regretted the decision’s of those in power, and wish we had never been involved, or fought for the very people who are now generationally victimized because nobody stood up to those making the decisions? Let’s not repeat these atrocities, only to have to apologize for the sins of others. We value our health care professionals, and I for one don’t want to see a Dr. that I know was forced to go against their conscience, to keep their job, or appease the views of a few.

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