Samuel Woelke

It would be grossly unethical to require healthcare workers - many of which have dedicated an enormous part of their life to the praiseworthy pursuit of promoting the health and well-being of other people - to participate, either directly or by referral, in the intentional and active destruction of another person’s life. The strong kind of moral commitment to the Just Judge of all men that rightly leads many to enter the realm of healthcare would also effectively prevent them from participating, either directly or indirectly, in this fatal expression of the present cultural/political movement of narcissism, hedonism, relativism, nihilism, and death which we call MAiD. If these people are forcibly removed from the healthcare system on the basis of such a requirement, that system will surely and grotesquely mutate into something else entirely. You must allow doctors to act in accordance with the demands of that very same conscience that makes them great healthcare providers. Including the right to refuse a referral. Imagine if someone asked you to help them rob a retirement home and despite your refusal to participate, some absurd law required you to refer them to someone who would… referral may not be DIRECT INVOLVEMENT, but it is still INVOLVEMENT.

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