Perry Allen

I don't believe that any physician should be forced to refer their patients for either abortion nor assisted suicide procedures if they feel conflicted in doing so. Regarding abortion - I personally don't agree with using taxpayers dollars to terminate a pregnancy. Nor do I think a physician who morally or ethically disagrees, should be compelled to do something that is contrary to their beliefs. I have personally witnessed conversations in an abortion clinic, where staff were discussing clients who used their facilities on a frequent basis, as a means of 'birth control'. This is disgusting & I have since stopped doing any work for that facility due to my own moral convictions. Assisted suicide is a slippery slope. While I feel bad for people who suffer daily with debilitating illness', I don't think it is right to end their lives. I believe only God has that right. Now they are looking to expand it into people suffering from mental illness & that is very scary. Governments would be incentivized to encourage this procedure because it ultimately saves them money in the long-term care & treatment of those afflicted with these conditions. It can be expanded to cover a multitude of conditions for all the wrong reasons, including the aforementioned financial reasons, population control, people born with Downs Syndrome or other handicaps. People - including law makers - will be held accountable for their actions in the end. You would be wise to consider that carefully before you make your decision.

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