Neil Siemens

According to my feed back from the Federal Minister of Justice David Lameti, when MAID was updated after the original law was first introduced he assured me there were safe guards included to make sure of no abuses. The Physician was not to be the one to broach the subject of MAID with their patients. If their patient inquired about MAID the physician was to explain all the options like home care, palliative care, hospice care available. I encouraged him to have all the Provincial Medical Associations sign on. Obviously this has not happened as I am aware of a number of occasions where the attending physician has in fact raised the issue of MAID. As well, we need robust "Conscience Protection" legislation in our Province to protect Physicians and all Health Care Providers from being forced to participate in procedures like Abortion and MAID and even referrals which violates there deeply held personal beliefs. Physicians and all health care providers are trained to save life and not to take life. Abortion and MAID are a tremendous blight on a civilized society.

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