Michael and Veronica Rochford

We are strongly opposed to mandating healthcare professionals, in this instance, physicians, to provide "effective referrals," thus participating in or being complicit in acts contrary to their conscience. Our death-dealing society now offers a whole range of anti-life services, e.g., MAID (euthanasia), abortion, gender reassignment surgery). However, physicians and nurses, whose very professions define them as people who cure or care for the physically and mentally ill/disabled, cannot be forced against their conscience to participate in the provision of such services by "effective referral." It should be sufficient to tell the patient: "I do not do abortions and I do not refer for abortions"; "I do not perform medical assistance in dying and I do not refer for MAID." If one wishes to posit a pragmatic reason why such a mandate against "conscientious objection" should be a "no go" area for the CPSA, one should estimate the number of healthcare workers who might exit the province if they could not practice according to their conscience. Alberta is already suffering from a shortage of Family Physicians, and the wait time for certain operations extends to years. Do we want to see the number of doctors diminish even more?

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