Coming from a long family history of medical doctors and recently through my husband's terminal brain cancer journey, has given me a strong opinion to protect our medical profession from the pressure to succumb to the unfolding Maid program agenda, the falsely named Alberta Health Care option. Medically assisted suicide as purposely remasked by the less offensive Canadian Maid term ,has eroded our medical doctor's " Hippocratic oath of doing No Harm to his patient. Instead of promoting and offering the wellness of Medical Care Life Giving options with his referrals, a doctor could be forced to be co signers in the irreversible death option. Is this called" Progressive Medicare " where our doctors could lose their professional status and years of extensive medical training merely by their moral conscience of protecting the life of his patient. Could this respected Hippocratic Oath of No Harm respected in our Canadian Medical University Programs now be considered obsolete?? Why ,what are we gaining in this drastic swing of the medical view of degrading the value of human life? I'm speaking on behalf of my father and grandfather who both served in the medical profession for over 40 years in Alberta,after graduating from McGill University Medical Program. My grandfather served several years as a young Canadian Medical Doctor in a France WW1 field hospital . My father also served a Canadian Medical Officer in WW2 and later as a surgeon at the Calgary General and Rockyview Hospital. . He did hundreds of referrals for his patients when needed and guarded his profession of oath of No Harm patient medical care . Would his 12 + years of medical surgical training and 40 years of medical service be tossed out as a consequence of his refusal to sign over a patient for this proposed assisted suicide . I think my Dad and grandfather would be shocked and appalled by this barbaric unethical proposal of effective referrals . What new medical students would need to reconsider coming into a profession that didn't respect their values and conscience of protecting life and possibly lose their rights to practice medicine? Would we have to carefully choose our doctors based on their moral stance on promoting our heath care options upon any of our future health challenges? My husband had a terminal diagnosis of brain cancer in 2015 and survived 2 brain surgeries ,chemo,and radiation to hopefully give him more life time with our family. He had excellent caring palliative care in Calgary til his natural death in 2018 with supportive doctors at the Foothills Hospital and Tom Baker. Thankfully the doctors were not forced by law to suggest he consider the assisted suicide option, because his life was not worth living or he would think he was a burden on our family or our health care system. Are we forcing our doctors serving in special care hospitals,mentally ill patient wards,long term care and veterans facilities to make unethical decisions to encourage their patients to just end their lives early, rather than ensuring they have the supportive medical caring options . Support our medical professionals by respecting their conscience moral values to protect human life and ensure no harm comes to their patients under their responsibility of care. Protect their many years of dedication to medical training and financial commitmen from being jeopardized by a trending drastic moral switch of values where human life may be no longer be considered sacred. Stop this effective referral proposal now before many more lives are lost when effective care options could have prevented a patient's assisted suicide and a doctor's conscience has not been compromised. Margaret

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