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My daughter is an ICU nurse in Edmonton. She is a young mom and has mentioned that she might like to work in Palliative Care, to improve her work/home life balance. She is Catholic. As a Palliative Care nurse, she might be required to assist at MAID, against her conscience. My sister, 62 years, has struggled with Borderline Personality Disorder most of her life, and has been sectioned on several occasions due to psychosis. She has also attempted suicide at least 5 times over her adult life. If MAID for persons with psychiatric diagnoses becomes law, she will have to battle with that temptation. She is stable now, and enjoys a good relationship with her adult children. We have worked so hard to help her live. She needs help to live, not to die. Doctors should be allowed to chose life, not death, for their patients. My father died of ALS. He filled out MAID forms before he died. He did not avail himself of that option. If he had he would not have had the natural, peaceful death he eventually succumbed to. He was also able to receive his last rites as a Catholic, having made peace with his God and family. His Doctor did not press my father to avail himself of MAID, although forms had been filled out. Please respect and support the religious basis for the conscientious objections for effective referrals.

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