Thank you for allowing us to have input into this draft! I am very concerned about these guidelines for the following reasons: You have gone to great lengths to describe who can give consent for a minor to receive MAID, but then you state that “A regulated member who has reasonable grounds to believe an informed consent decision by a legal guardian or substitute decision maker is not in the best interests of the patient must seek legal advice, such as from the Canadian Medical Protective Association, or advice from the College”. All of a sudden somebody who doesn't even know the child has the power to make the decision of what is best for the child. Who is it that really gets to decide?!? This is terrifying! What teenager hasn't suffered a season of depression because of puberty and changing hormones? They need encouragement and support by the people that love and know them most to get through a challenging season, so that they can go on to enjoy life, not a pro-MAID physician pushing death for them. Parents must have the prior right in the decision making process. The responsibility of the decision has to lie with the parent. Our children can't even go on a school field trip without parental consent, how much more must they have our consent on a life/death situation! I personally believe in the sanctity of life and would prefer to see MAID shut down completely in our country, but at the very least give parents the final say in the matter! I see the standard of “Do no harm” being set aside and I am very concerned. I plead with you to please stop this culture of death that is escalating in our country! Stop forcing doctors to promote it against their wishes. We already have a serious shortage of physicians in our province; this is just going to push more of them to stop their practice because of their personal ethics, and that is the last thing we need. It is time to promote life and health, not death!

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