Lorna Kopp

I'm glad you want to hear from Albertans. Similar to the retired Alberta doctor who wrote his response on this webpage, I too feel that this new Update is morally wrong... because it is literally helping to kill people. Your words to make an: "Update to the stands and practices of medical doctors" would force doctors to participate in the killing of preborn babies by abortion or the killing of the sick, the elderly, or those with mental illness by assisted suicide, by requiring doctors opposed to such practices to actively refer patients to someone who will provide it. Which goes against our freedoms as Canadians. Your proposed wording states that doctors must “proactively maintain an effective referral plan for the frequently requested services they are unwilling to provide.” We know what this means: It means that if all of at the CPSA have its way, doctors will be forced to violate their conscience or face disciplinary actions or even give up their practice. Making this change is in Direct Violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms as Canadians! We have freedom of religion... which means if we choose(this includes doctors, surgeons and ordinary people across Canada) to not do something that violates our conscience -- we will not be forced to do that. The Honorable Brian Peckford who still living -- and one of the creators and co-signors of the Original Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms -- has repeatedly explained that the the intention of all of those who signed our charter of rights and freedoms, was that the government would not overstep their boundaries to deny us our constitutional rights and freedoms. This new change that you are suggesting -- would absolutely without question -- violate the rights and freedoms of Doctors and surgeons across Alberta. I believe ensuring the rights and freedoms of All doctors, surgeons and all care givers across Alberta is essential. Not only that, but I believe doctors need to hold to their Hippocratic oath which states: "Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course."

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