Linda Osborne

1. Doctors should not be forced to do abortions or assisted suicide against their conscience.. Nor should they be required to give a referral to another physician who will do it. That is the equivalent of being an accomplice to a crime for someone who believes that that is morally wrong. Doctors should not be required to go against their consciences in any way. 2. As I am a senior citizen I prefer to go to a Doctor who shares my morality. I have heard of cases where depressed or elderly individuals were encouraged to use MAID by their doctor if they struggled with depression or sickness. I do not want this kind of “treatment” suggested to me if I happen to be in a depressed state and looking for help with my depression rather than to end my life So I would like to have the choice to go to a Doctor who has my same values.. “Safe spaces” are given to many people nowadays and I would like to have a “safe space” at my doctors office 3. When other provinces instituted the law that physicians were required to refer abortions or assisted suicide to another doctor, many of these providers left their practices, took early retirement, or moved to Alberta. We already have Dr. shortages in Alberta. I am struggling to find a good doctor currently and do not want to lose qualified conscientious doctors due to the wording you are proposing. Please do not require doctors to do abortions or assisted suicide, or require them to give a referral to another doctor as that would be unacceptable for some doctors as they feel they would then be complicit in the act. Thank you for providing the opportunity for feedback.

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