Linda Fortunat

I am an allied health professional....not a physician, but have a very strong ethical response to this proposal. A free society does not participate in coercion, period. Make no mistake, the inclusion of this language in the CPSA Standards of Practice, is exactly that....coercion. Unfortunately, however, this seed has already been planted in Canada over the last several years, and it looks like the ground is very fertile. If we, as Albertans, and members of the society at large, do not stand against the loss of our right to conscientiously object, it will not stop with the CPSA. This must not be allowed to happen. The concept of an "effective referral" is an aberration of the physician's rights and one step closer to broader societal surrender of all of our constitutionally protected freedoms. It's imperative that we all stand together against this thinly veiled attack.

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