First of all God gives us life and He takes it as He choses. Doctors take a Hippocratic Oath to preserve life to the best of their ability not take it. I believe MAID is politically motivated with an ideology being enforced by a specific group of people. Human rights will be taken away from doctors who have moral/ethical values, professional ethical values and religious beliefs if the MAID policy is implemented. If doctors refuse to implement MAID (if implemented) their medical license can be revoked. I believe this is morally wrong to keep doctors who have moral/ethical values hostage to follow immoral values of the CPSA. The CPSA should implement policies on how to preserve the gift of life instead of taking it as well as taking steps to improve peoples health - emotional, physical and life style health. I disagree with Maid and abortion, taking someone's life is morally wrong; therefore, Conscience Rights must be preserved for all doctors.

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