Joyce Jean Sweder

I want to respect the medical profession which I have in the past, but lately feel like I'm struggling to trust the medical people. It seems there is such an UNNATURAL push to go in a direction of ending people's lives, such as MAID, abortions, etc. And this is even to those who may not be able to make reasonable decisions like the mentally ill. We should be doing all we can to analyze care and see what could be done to support life and improve it. This increasingly seems more like death care than sick care. How can physicians be expected to go against their consciences and the Hippocrates oath with these policies? This goes against any decency, moral or even ethical code. Just becasuse something is legal does not make it right. It even goes against faith in Almighty God. No, I am definitely and strongly, NOT for these revisions. That would be a very wrong direction.

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