Jill Wiesinger

Expanding MAiD in Alberta - to include those whose sole presenting condition is that of mental illness, is not progress. This exhibits a lack of acknowledgement and a lack of respect of the longstanding Hippocratic Oath ‘to do no harm’. ‘Regulated professionals’ (doctors and nurse practitioners), should not be placing themselves, or required to place themselves, (along with collaborating pharmacists), in the position of playing God, in the lives of those with mental illness, rightfully needing ongoing therapy and medical treatment, over a lengthy period of time. Is the expansion of MAID intended to rid society of those who require on-going treatment, thereby reducing costs to the medical system? Mental illness is in crisis proportions in our Canadian society today , especially after the heartless restrictions of the pandemic - involving isolation, job losses, medical discrimination of unvaccinated individuals, and a loss of informed consent, this all being fueled by government backed media indoctrination, and resulting in forced vaccination of the majority of Canadians - with an experimental medical treatment. The expansion of MAID in Canada, is ripe to be the next pandemic, meaning it’s setting the stage for another massive trauma to the Canadian public, leading to a needless loss of innocent lives, of the most vulnerable in our society.. We can do better than this in Alberta, even if it means pushing back at Ottawa, against their Draconian new bills. My hope is that the majority of doctors, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists in Alberta - will be courageous, and will refuse to participate in this evil agenda, while upholding their constitutional right to ‘freedom of conscience and freedom of religion’. The regulated professionals in Alberta have every right to treat their patients with mental health conditions proactively, to ‘do no harm’, and to resist policies that are life-threatening to their patients, and demoralizing to themselves as professionals. I support every regulated professional, including collaborating pharmacists, who refuse to endorse the expansion of MAID in Alberta, and who decline to participate at all - in the euthanizing of their patients..

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