Jill Wiesinger

To the CPSA: Thank you for being open to feedback. Regarding the potential MAID expansion, why there is such a rush on pushing through the agenda to make MAID available to those suffering with mental illness? Even though Ottawa has sadly taken the lead on this - with passing Bill 37 - maybe it’s time for Alberta’s CPSA to stand up to the bullies in Ottawa??? Rushing the killing of some of the most vulnerable - (feedback can only be given to the CPSA until January 15th) - does not reflect a humane society. On another related note, there has been very little said about the following - in the mainstream media, or by the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons across Canada, but compared with the year 2019, (before the pandemic), and (before vaccine mandates), there is currently - (most recent studies) - a 400% increase in deaths of all causes worldwide. If this is the case, (which in fact it is) - again I ask, why is there an obsession with deleting the lives of some of the most vulnerable Albertans at this time? Albertans are already dying at a 400% greater rate than 4 years ago. Yesterday I talked with an Alberta citizen who had lost five family members in the last year - between hers and her husband’s extended families. The people dying are not all elderly people either; many are younger. We are sadly living in a death culture in Canada. Troubling those already struggling with mental illness, with the thoughts of an early, untimely death, and intentionally placing those thoughts in their - at times - unstable minds, is an unspeakable crime. It’s time that the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta stand up to Ottawa, and not wait to be spoon fed by them. The focus of the CPSA needs to be to begin immediately investigating the reasons for the dramatically increased death rates across our province, and to leave the mentally ill to be treated as much as they possibly can be - in our broken health care system. I am shocked that we even need to have this conversation at this time in history. Haven’t Albertans and Canadians as a whole been traumatized enough over the last 4 years???

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