Hugo Adriano Bertozzi

The requirement for members who object to MAID, either by way of conscience or religious beliefs, but still having to provide full information and also to refer the patient to resources who will provide MAID, is coercive and heavy-handed, and is unacceptable to many members of the profession, and also to citizens of Alberta. This province has had a strong Christian history which has positively influenced our society's laws, politics, industry, and daily life in so many intangible ways. Leaders, lawmakers, and academics who look down on or scorn such beliefs, run roughshod over a moral foundation that underlies our free and just society, and the medical profession's ancient Code dating back to the Hippocratic Oath, and the Church's influence throughout the ages. The CPSA must respect the beliefs of Albertans, and not force its members to collaborate in the provision of MAID in any way.

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