Gordon Moffat

Although all doctors should be required to stay non-judgemental in dealing with patient requests they object to, they should not be compelled to assist in anything they determine is harmful to the patient. Patients regularly ask for help or treatments that doctors don't agree are right for the patient and the doctor will decline. For example during covid many people wanted to try ivermectin, but many doctors said no as they felt it was the wrong treatment. In the same way a doctor should be able to offer the solutions they think are best and if a patient wants second opinions they can seek them elsewhere. This again is not saying the doctor can shame or lecture the patient into making a choice. The doctor should be required to remain non-judgemental in their tone and language, but they should be allowed to say if they think they requested services are not a good answer for the patient, in the same way that they would with any other service or prescription request.

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