Gisela Rohde

My grandmother was euthanized without her knowledge or consent (in W Berlin in1982) and my father only found out when he told the doctor he planned to bring her to Canada. They had done it because she had no more direct relatives living nearby so they thought no one would care and the state could save money by not having to take care of her. My fear is that Canada is quickly getting to the same place and MAID has been first legalized and then expanded to save the Canadian government money and pander to those who think the world is overpopulated and who don’t value everyone’s life. I have no problem with doctors being asked to give actual health care to help people no matter their own beliefs, but I do not consider MAID to be “health care” in any sense, since it’s purpose is only to end the person’s life. I for one want doctors who would be willing to try to help their patients any other way, including dissuading them from committing suicide, instead of being forced to aid I. It. There are plenty of doctors willing to refer for or provide MAID. You do not need to force doctors to do something they think is wrong.

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