Debra Lynn Fedoruk

I am an Alberta who strongly objects to you requiring doctors to make an effective referral. You are essentially asking them, in cases like abortion and MAID, to participate in what they believe to be a murder. This is Orwellian, and the idea of forcing people to commit what they believe to be murder goes against the very idea of a democracy. Also, many doctors will leave the province, and capable and compassionate people won't enter the medical profession. Doctors from other countries also will not want to practice here, leaving us in a more severe physician shortage than we already have. Having doctors who don't want to participate in murder is a good thing, and can give patients a higher level of trust in their doctor to help them and not just find a cheap solution, like death, to save the health care system money. Sometimes these controversial procedures aren't in the best interest of the patient, just politically popular, and it's not a religious issue. However, from the document, I can see that doctors will be prevented from weighing in on their opinion, scared to speak their minds. For example, there are potential harms from drugs and surgeries for transgenderism, but medical professionals are already being told they can't talk about this. There are potential harms to women from abortion, but the medical profession is not encouraged to tell women about this. How is that empowering for women?These are not religious issues, but with this revision, doctors will be made to shut up about their concerns for fear of losing their licenses.

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