Dean Schneider

The new proposal states that "doctors must “proactively maintain an effective referral plan for the frequently requested services they are unwilling to provide.” This change compels professionals to participate in practices and procedures that goes against their conscience and must be reversed! Participation through an effective referral would directly involve practitioners in MAID and/or abortion to which many practitioners are opposed - both personally and professionally. This is a violation of practitioner's conscience that cannot be compelled. Conscience is not merely about a practitioner's personal preference, it's their judgement about what's in the patient's best interest. Patients and practitioners disagree on a regular basis on a large number of issues and these usually do not come to conflict but are usually resolved in professional and friendly ways. The same can be said about disagreements between practitioners. It is a terrible thought that new policies would aim to violate that. This isn't just a matter of practitioners, either. Patients want access to providers whose values fit with their own. This includes a large number of patients who want to be served by providers who decline offering procedures like abortion and MAID. For this significant population to be served requires a diverse medical system with a variety of different providers with different opinions. Many continue to call for safe spaces where their practitioners see their life as worth living and would not agree to end their life when they at a low point. Many want assurance that they will not be pressured to end their life or the life of their baby. A practitioner's office must remain a safe space where both patient and practitioner can be and feel protected. I implore you to reverse this policy change and continue to protect conscience rights in Alberta.

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