Daniel Sheridan

I wonder what happen to the HYPOCRITICAL OATH that doctors take, shouldn't that be the first priority of concern. DO NO HARM. Or is that still part of the Doctors creed/obligations. Asking anyone to take A LIFE should be punishable by law whether it's the government ruling or not. I am of the opinion that no one has that right and if I were to preform that act, that I believed that person needed to DIE because they didn't have the mental capacity to function I would be rightfully charged with murder. What ever degree that would be enforced by our nations laws. Murder is murder no matter how they want to Justify it. Threatening anyone with the loss of there occupation because they object to the government wants is in my opinion against the laws of our once great nation. It's no easy job to make a stand and say no when faced with the results of your governing body. THERE IS NO FREEDOM of CHOICE FOR THESE DOCTORS.

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