Dan Penna

Physicians who for example conscientiously object to euthanasia should NOT be required to refer anyone for care. End of story. Physicians should NOT have to provide an effective referral plan for the procedure to which they object, be it abortion or euthanasia or "transgender" care. If a physician feels that a procedure causes harm, they should have the freedom to not make such a referral. Physicians should be able to communicate their own personal values or cultural values or religious values, provided they tell patients that they are giving personal, not medical advice. "Neutral values" are not neutral. Killing is not health care. MAID is not medical assistance in dying but rather state-sanctioned murder. Even asking patients if they want "MAID" is objectionable, since from the moment a person is forced to ask themselves whether NOW is the time to kill themselves, they are being told implicitly that it is a good idea to kill oneself (get killed) and their life has immediately been diminished unnaturally, since asking oneself such a question is neither necessary nor inevitable.

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