Christine Lietz

Canadian people of diverse faith, ethnic and values backgrounds should all have access to doctors with congruent values available to serve them in the medical profession. Forcing anyone, including medical professionals, to violate their consciences in order to practice in a healing profession is just wrong. Requiring physicians and nurse practitioners to refer patients for MAiD when it is ethically repugnant to them and makes them feel like an accessory to murder will cause them emotional and psychological harm, and many will make the anguished decision to leave the health profession or go elsewhere, greatly exacerbating our current severe lack of doctors. This is so unnecessary and counter productive! Anyone who wants assistance in dying and who does not have a family doctor happy to assist or refer them can click on this link: or call this number: 1-844-851-MAID (6243) for unhindered access. It is literally a 5 second google search. There is zero need to force Albertan doctors to either violate their conscience or leave the profession, adding their patients to the long list waiting for some kind of coherent access to medical care.

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