Carol Penner

I am disappointed, shocked and surprised that this is even an issue that is being questioned. In the country of Canada, we deem someone 21 years old to be responsible to rent a car. We deem someone responsible to rent a hotel room at 18. We deem someone responsible to babysit our children at age 12. Yet, we are questioning whether it is all right for someone younger than that to make a decision on their own life and health choices, and only by the advice of a complete stranger in the medical profession. It is the law to wear a helmet while pedaling your bicycle or driving a motorcycle. It is the law to wear a seat belt while driving a vehicle. It is against the law to eat/drink, fix your hair or be on a cell phone while operating a vehicle because that is distracted driving. These are everyday activities that our country has made laws on for the safety of our lives. For our own personal protection and for the protection of others. How can we then even possibly consider a law to end a life, especially allowing a minor/Child to make that decision? Absolutely not!

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