Carol Hult

NEVER should a physician be put in a position of being required to perform or to make an effective referral for moral actions which violate their profoundly-held beliefs, values.and conscience. To do so would result in a physician's retiring, moving out of province or family doctors pursuing another area of medicine. There can be very little trust between a patient and their physician in the case that their doctor can refer for or facilitate their patient's death = MURDER! Greedy children could push for their parent's euthanasia or MAiD. A few years ago, my husband and I were searching for a family physician. I asked this doctor how he felt about euthanasia. His reply was that euthanasia may be acceptable. That was our last visit to see him. I don't want anyone to encourage my death or suicide. I would have no trust in a physician who might decide to kill me. When our daughter was young, I sought a pediatrician who would never refer her for an abortion. A few years ago, a 13 year old Albertan girl had an abortion without her parents' knowledge or consent. Her parents lost their grandchild! 😭 😱 KEEP and PROTECT Albertan physicians' conscience rights.

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