Brad Jacobson

I recently had a heart attack and am very grateful to the good doctors and paramedics without whom I might very well not be alive today. That was in August. As my primary physician has moved away and nobody in the area is taking new patients I still have not seen a doctor for follow up as of today, over 4 months following my release from the hospital. It has been pointed out that doctors who for reasons of conscience cannot take any part in the killing of their patients, are going to be forced to close their practice leaving us with even fewer doctors and exacerbating an already critical situation. Combine this with the fact that there are many of us who pay for and use the healthcare system in Alberta who for reasons of conscience do not want services from a Doctor for ourselves or our family who would be OK with participating in the killing of one of us or who thinks that this is somehow a valid medical treatment! By not allowing Doctors to practice according to their conscience you would also be removing the services of Alberta’s Doctors from taxpayers who need a Doctor that wants to heal them and for whom killing them is not an option.

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