Bill Miller

Section 2.D "promote their own morals, cultural or religious beliefs when interacting with patients, in accordance with the Boundary Violations: Personal standard of practice" 1. woke-progressive is a religion (humans pretending to be god) 2. secular humanism is a religion (humans pretending to be god) 3. Marxist-Socialist-CT-CRT-DEI is a religion (humans pretending to be god) Note: non of the above ideologies are neutral Why then is this college coercing others to follow the preferred religion of some of the leaders, even if they are a majority? Why does section 2.D not apply to the college itself? Why are other religious beliefs not protected as they should be in a real democracy? People are allowed to have religious beliefs and should be allowed to hold them and follow them. Good leaders should be able to find a work around that doesn't force doctors to do things that go against their beliefs (i.e. abortion, assisted suicide, trans surgeries or any trans affirming care). This includes the "effective referral" section. By the way, what ever happened to "do no harm?" Note: humans pretending to be god = the Fall, Genesis 3

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