Anne van Dijk

Doctors should not be forced to provide services that they can not conscientiously do. If I, the patient, disagree I should be able to find a doctor who better aligns with my ideas.(so we need more doctors than we have at present). Some doctors will not refer for abortion/euthanasia (do you even need a referral for that?); fine! Some will not prescribe narcotics because they have seen the harm. Some will not work on "sex change", because it is not in the best interest of the patient. Some might even not want to work on men, or on women, for religious reasons. So what? As long as it is not an emergency. Don't push physicians out of the system when they do a lot of good work; there are so few already. It is important to have a doctor who helps the patient, not someone who might say "Remember you can get MAID too" when I am in a dark hole when that is not what I want. Not in the best interest of the patient. We have to be able to trust our primary physician.

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