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A Message from Your Council – A Farewell Message From CPSA Councillor And Former Council President, Kate Wood

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Council, December Messenger 2020 | Posted December 14, 2020

A Farewell Message From CPSA Councillor And Former Council President, Kate Wood

It has been my great honour to be part of CPSA’s Council since 2012, and as my time on Council is coming to an end I offer these fond farewell reflections.

Much has changed during my time on Council; however, one constant always remained: the unwavering commitment of those on Council, team members at CPSA, physicians and healthcare workers. For that, my admiration and appreciation always.

Physicians, I want to offer a special thank you to all of you. This year has presented challenges like no other, and your heroism and dedication has made all the difference.

It was my greatest pleasure to see CPSA evolve with incremental improvements supported by Council to its standards of practice, governance practices and programs. During my early days as a publicly appointed member, I learned about the seemingly endless intricacies of medical regulation and the day-to-day realities of practising medicine to inform our policy making. That always remained both fascinating and demanding.

Even eight years later, the important and sensitive issues Council addresses are often presented without easy solutions, and it is with great pride that I watch CPSA continue to handle these situations with informed deliberations and care.

While serving for two years as Council President, I’m grateful for the privilege of working with and learning from many exceptional leaders. In particular, I must recognize the stellar Registrars I served with while President: Dr. Trevor Theman before his retirement and Dr. Scott McLeod. Both leaders exemplified unwavering dedication to physicians and CPSA’s mission of protecting the public while respecting the governance role of Council.

My heartfelt thanks for the many special opportunities I’ve had with CPSA. There are too many wonderful, committed people to name, but the memories I’ve enjoyed with colleagues on Council and CPSA’s Leadership team will remain highlights of my life. In particular, I want to pay tribute to our outgoing current Council President, Dr. John Bradley. Dr. Bradley held the torch high for Council during the last two years, including during the current pandemic.

As well, I want to extend a warm welcome to our incoming Council President, Dr. Louis Francescutti. All the best to you and to all of CPSA. I trust CPSA’s future will continue to remain bright.


Kate Wood

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