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Why were antibiotics added to the MD Snapshot-Prescribing?

Posted January 31, 2022

Antibiotics are not without risk. They can cause adverse effects, medical complications (e.g., C. difficile infections), antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and even negative social impacts decreased patient quality of life. AMR means losing access to essential treatments, turning everyday infections into complicated, life-threatening illnesses.

Any use of antibiotics can contribute to AMR, but over-prescribing or inappropriate use can accelerate it. Therefore, everyone needs to do their part and use antibiotics wisely.

Over 90% of all human antimicrobial consumption occurs in the community setting. Many of these prescriptions are for viral conditions that do not require an antibiotic.

The TPP Alberta Antibiotic Prescription Atlas shows that physicians prescribed 78% of all oral antibiotic prescriptions in 2020. The Snapshot offers an opportunity to reflect on your antibiotic prescribing and make practice changes if warranted.