Physician Approvals

Physicians in Alberta need approval to perform certain services.

Non-accredited services

Some services require approval from CPSA’s Registrar because they fall outside of traditional medicine. Find a service you are interested in below and apply.


Hair Transplant

Certified Examiner

Injury Management Consultant

Insurance Act Regulation



Questions about non-accredited service approvals?

Phone: 780-969-4928
Toll-free: 1-800-320-8624 ext. 4928 (in Canada)
Fax: 780-420-0651

Accredited services

If you want to provide services at a CPSA-accredited facility, you may need approval. Find the service you’re interested in below and open the application.

Cardiac Stress Testing 

Sleep Medicine (in private facilities)

Vestibular Testing (in private facilities)

Non-Hospital Surgical Procedures (in private facilities)

Pulmonary Function Diagnostics (in private & public facilities)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (in private facilities)

Questions about accreditation approvals?