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Decision to cancel practice permit of Dr. David Odugbemi upheld

Hearing Decisions, Media Release | Posted September 20, 2022

Edmonton, AB – A CPSA Hearing Tribunal has upheld their decision to cancel the registration and practice permit of family physician Dr. David Odugbemi.

In 2019, Dr. Odugbemi was found guilty of unprofessional conduct for failing to abide by a Terms of Resolution Agreement (TORA) he signed with CPSA in 2015. The Tribunal felt Dr. Odugbemi demonstrated a pattern of ungovernable conduct based on his repeated acts of non-compliance with the TORA and ordered the cancellation of his practice permit.

Dr. Odugbemi appealed the Tribunal’s decision to a CPSA Council Review Panel, which allowed his appeal and his request to present new evidence, and directed the matter back to the Hearing Tribunal for re-consideration of the finding of being ungovernable and the sanction of cancellation. The Tribunal met in June 2022 and after considering the new evidence brought forward, concluded that while Dr. Odugbemi may not have been acting intentionally when he failed to comply with the TORA, his conduct did constitute unprofessional conduct. The evidence demonstrated that Dr. Odugbemi was not fit to practice and there was no reasonable prospect of his condition improving with treatment or time. The Tribunal determined that the cancellation of Dr. Odugbemi’s registration was appropriate and consistent with the public’s interest in the safe and proper practice of medicine. No costs were ordered by the Tribunal.

Dr. Odugbemi has not been in practice since 2020, when he was suspended for violating his agreement with CPSA to withdraw from practice.

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